Corporate Banking


Trust us to grow your business.

BCG-Brasil serves companies in a variety of sectors with a range of financial products and services.
Whether they are Portuguese or Spanish companies in Brazil, or Brazilian groups with business in countries CGD is operating in, clients are provided with advanced solutions that improve reach to global markets.

Loans in local currency 

  • Working Capital
  • Bank Credit Bills (BCB)
  • BNDES Onlending: Business Finance (FINEM) / Machinery and Equipment Finance (FINAME)
  • Financing and Guarantees related top foreign trade
  • Financing of Exports:
  • Advance Against Exchange (ACC)
  • Advance Against Draft Presentation (ACE)
  • BNDES Exim – Pre- and Post-Shipping
  • Export Credit Note (NCE)
  • Discount of export credit letters
  • Concession of surety in import withdrawals

Bank Guarantees and local sureties

  • Issue of Bid Bonds
  • Issue of Performance Bonds
  • Opening and confirmation of credit letters
  • Guarantees for financial operations (SBLC)
  • General finance

Foreign currency loans

  • Direct loans in foreign currency (Resolution 4131)
  • Onlending in foreign currency (Resolution 2770)
  • Guarantees for external loans – multilateral (IFC, BID, BEI, CAF, among others) and export credit insurers
  • Export Pre-Payment
  • Import Finance
  • Direct Import Finance
  • Forfeiting

Purchase and sale of foreign currency in the following modes:

  • Export
  • Import
  • Financial (payment of loans, interest, payment of dividends, capital, royalties, investments from and to foreign countries, etc.)

Derivatives: coverage of exposure to currencies and interest

  • Swaps
  • NDFs
  • Options

Investments / Financial applications

  • Certificates of Deposits (CDB)
  • Public Bonds
  • Private Bonds