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Guarantees, responsibilities and damages
All access to the website and its respective content is through the Internet Protocol (IP) number generated in the connection. Banco Caixa Geral de Depósitos (BCG) may release information from third parties on the website, declaring its sources; however, it is not liable for the veracity, accuracy and quality of said information. BCG shall not be responsible for the content of the website linked to another website. Access and use through other website shall be exclusively at the risk of the user, who shall be subject to the specific terms and conditions of such website. BCG does not accept responsibility for any damage caused by an interruption in the sending or receiving of information, failings in the transmission of data or any kind of failing not specified herein, including responsibility for decisions taken by website users based on this information. All the material published regarding quotations, charts, reports, forecasts and other information may be used by clients and other parties in a merely informative manner. BCG hereby declares that all the background information on an application is for reference purposes only and is not a guarantee of future performance. Users are fully responsible for the proper provision of internet access and access to the website, as well as for their respective operation and are responsible for connection failings and computer viruses.

Use of information
The information, links to other sites, services available and the means used to interact with users of this site are subject to alteration without prior notice or authorization.


BCG can at any moment change the terms and conditions in its Privacy Policy, and it is thus recommended that said terms be checked periodically. The Ombudsman channel will be available so that clients and other parties can make suggestions or comment on the data supplied and used on this website.


The address www.bcgbrasil.com.br is managed by Banco Caixa Geral Brasil S.A. (BCG) in order to release information about its activities. The information on its products and services, however, does not constitute a contractual proposal, or pre-contractual information, the general conditions for these products and services being regulated in its own document. Besides the institutional information from BCG-Brasil and information regarding its products and services, the site also provides other information of a legal and fiscal nature, and on financial markets. BCG-Brasil makes the utmost effort to assure the accuracy and rigor of all the information provided on the BCG-Brasil site. However, it does not guarantee that the information provided has been constantly updated and checked for accuracy.
The legal provisions made available on the BCG-Brasil site do not negate the need to consult the officially approved legal norms in force published in original form (legal support/legislation).
All the information contained on the BCG-Brasil site, including analysis, estimates, forecasts and opinions, is designed exclusively for private use, its commercial usage being prohibited. Nevertheless, the information provided, irrespective of the form in which it is reviewed, constitute advice or recommendations to buy, sell or contract services, and does not dispense with the need consult specialists. Hence, BCG-Brasil is not responsible for any losses or material or personal damage that may stem directly or indirectly from the use of the information provided, the user of said information being solely and exclusively responsible for all the decisions taken based on this information.
The BCG-Brasil site enables linking to other internet sites. However, BCG-Brasil does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the information provided on these sites or for the provision of services by external bodies.
The intellectual property rights for all the content of the BCG-Brasil site, except that supplied by duly identified external bodies, are the property of BCG-Brasil, including the information, tools, and applications for PDAs and cell phones, the graphic design of the internet pages, with all their components, and all the figures, graphics or texts. Users may access the site through available remote channels (internet, WAP, SMS text messages, PDAs and cell phones), BCG-Brasil not accepting any responsibility for losses stemming from any blocks, delays, suspension or interruption of access to the BCG-Brasil site in virtue of technical failings or other causes. BCG-Brasil does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the site address.
BCG-Brasil does not guarantee that the site will operate correctly on all mobile devices and respective configurations, and is not committed to developing content that adapts to all devices available on the market.
All the information and content available on the BCG-Brasil site, including that provided via WAP and applications for PDAs and cell phones, may be altered without advance notice, except for that which is so required by law.
Reproduction in part or in full of any of the information or content from the BCG-Brasil site, as well as images, videos, or any other multimedia elements, including that made available via WAP and applications for PDAs and cell phones is prohibited, as is its lease or sale, without the prior authorization of BCG-Brasil or duly identified external suppliers of information.
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